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“Things I Never Want To Forget” :: A new kind of mini session!


Some of my favorite images of my son are these quick shots I took of him with his beloved Blanky. He carries it around with him everywhere and I wanted to be sure to capture it before it was too late, so I grabbed my camera one day and just followed him around for 20 minutes after he woke up from his nap. I knew it was something I never wanted to forget. This got me to thinking, there are so many things about our kid’s childhoods that we never want to forget, but they aren’t necessarily things that we would schedule a full on photo shoot for. So I’m trying an experiment this year, a new kind of mini session if you will. I’m calling them “Things I never want to forget” mini sessions. Each one will only be offered on one or two specific dates, and they will be quick and affordable. And the best part is that they will all be aimed at capturing a specific part of your kids childhood that you most likely never want to forget.
So to start it off, March 15th and 16th I will be offering 10 spots for mini sessions dedicated to capturing the special bond your child has with his lovey, blanky, or stuffed animal. Sessions are for one child only, so if you have more than one little one that you want to do this for you will need to schedule one session per child. Sessions will last 20 minutes and will take place at your house in order to capture something that is real and personal. Within two weeks you will receive digital downloads for 5-7 images. The cost for the session with the digital downloads included is $100 plus tax.
Email me to reserve your spot, and if you have something else that you never want to forget about your kid’s childhood please let me know what it is! Who knows, I may decide to offer it later on in the year!

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